I’d like to start by addressing why this blog is called “Relentless Pursuit Towards a Higher Calling.” I’m going to break down each of the main words in the title so that there’s a clear understanding of the meaning behind it.

I think it will be helpful to work through them in reverse, so I’ll begin with the word “Calling.” This word is in reference to God’s calling for our lives. The word here is intended to be an action and denotes an active and present trait of God.

The word “Higher” is a way to show the difference between our calling compared to the calling God has for us. An alternative could be here a “better calling,” but I think it’s important to remember there’s both a direction and a magnitude involved in the life God’s calling us to.

The word “Towards” helps to illustrate the direction of the pursuit. It shows that both the type and location of the calling is clearly defined and that it’s not just some abstract concept. It also coveys that the higher calling is not yet attained.

The word “Pursuit” shows that it’s not only an action of going towards something, but that there’s intentional thought behind it.

And finally, the word “Relentless” shows the attitude and heart of the pursuit. It conveys the idea that there will be challenges in this pursuit and that the motivation to reach that higher calling is greater than the obstacles that may appear. It also shows a spirit of determination and discipline that when faced with conflict doesn’t shrink away, but in courage meets that conflict head on.


In regards to the purpose of this blog, I want to be upfront and say that I recognize my faults and don’t want to portray myself as some perfect guy who has life completely figured out. Rather, I want to acknowledge my imperfection and in so doing, show the significance of God’s grace and mercy in my life. I want to be an encouragement to those who feel as though they’ve been disqualified from the family of God or feel trapped in their current circumstances.

My goal with this blog is to present the wisdom and truths I’ve been exposed to, while offering room and opportunity for the reader to explore how those truths apply in their own life. Some of my writing will be tailored towards exploring what it means to have healthy relationships. Through this, I intend to discuss the role of setting boundaries in all types of relationships, as well as to unpack some common misconceptions about how we’re called to love one another. While I address these different topics, I encourage you to actively participate in asking yourself the tougher questions and to not shy away from the growing process that may occur.

Faith is a very personal thing, yet at the same time it requires us to connect with other believers for support and guidance. I hope this blog provides an avenue for these connections and support to occur, while still allowing each of us to take ownership of our individual faiths. 

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